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Information Technology technical team

IT Operations & Maintenance

Knowledge management is a critical function in today's always-on enterprise.  Our IT professionals develop, implement, and oversee a Knowledge-Based System, which becomes the framework that allows our team to resolve technical issues expeditiously. 

Our Services

We excel at developing, coordinating, and implementing IT processes and procedures by providing structure around IT incident tracking and resolution. How do you determine if a specific request should be escalated, or what the escalation process looks like? Our applications, infrastructure, and systems professionals can help define a strategy that will ensure a smooth and continuous workflow with minimal downtime.

  • Service Desk Support

    • Tier 1
    • Tier 2

    • Tier 3

  • Remote Desktop Services/ VPN

  • Account Management/Provisioning Data Archive, Back-up & Restoration

  • Desk-side Support

    • HW/SW Installation, Configuration & Maintenance

    • System/Applications Management

    • Network Connectivity

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